More than 98% of text messages are read, 90% of those within three minutes - Get your message delivered.

Promising to be the easiest SMS solution available HawkConnect SMS enables the ease and simplicity to deploy messages withing seconds. Granular permissions ensure control while having the back end strength to support the largest of requirements.

SMS Features:

  • API's for instant triggers & intergrations
  • Easy Data Import
  • Time & Date deployment schedules
  • Instant group deployment
  • Ajustable sender name
SMS Platform

Based in the UK and attached directly to the national mobile operators enables us to guarantee our service. Unlike other cheap providers based abroad we pride ourselves on doing things right. This helps our business guarantee the best delivery for your messages.

We are also integrated with 14 MIS platforms for easy seemless data exchange with daily updates using Groupcall Xporter. A data sharing agreement is available for this integration here.

Recent Enhancements

2019-04-13 - Support - Support ticket changes to conversations
2019-04-12 - Dashboard - Enhanced metrics and billing counts
2019-04-10 - Timezone Support - Enhancements to support timezones in the UI
2019-04-09 - Session Security - Additional validations made to ensure sessions are secure that should mean less logging in and greater security.

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