Email Messaging

Email offers a clean, efficient and instant delivery channel for your message - but sending a thousand at once all personalized can be a challenge. With our solution we offer integration directly into your CRM/MIS system to ensure all you need is to craft your message and select the recipients and deploy.

There is much to sending email that most companies ignore - for example - is your email arriving in the inbox or junk folder? We have a dedicated global email deliverability expert ensuring our platforms are configured for the ultimate delivery rates for your messages.

Email Features:

  • Open tracking
  • DKIM support
  • API's for instant triggers & intergrations
  • Automatic unsubscribe handling
  • Easy Data Import
  • Time & Date deployment schedules
  • Group Deployment
  • Ajustable Sender Name
  • Fully customizable email body
Email Platform

With the efficient integration and ease of creation we are confident you will enjoy creating messages meaning more communication with your audience while really saving you time.

Recent Enhancements

2019-04-13 - Support - Support ticket changes to conversations
2019-04-12 - Dashboard - Enhanced metrics and billing counts
2019-04-10 - Timezone Support - Enhancements to support timezones in the UI
2019-04-09 - Session Security - Additional validations made to ensure sessions are secure that should mean less logging in and greater security.

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