Hawk's vision and road-map for 2019 is clear and we want to be transparent about the direction we are going in and the service we intend to offer.

How we as individuals communicate is changing but traditional methods are now not efficient, don't enable recipeints to be empowered and are not cost effective. HawkConnect is set to change this by enabling a true multi-channel platform empowering the recipient and enabling the communication.

  • Facts about communicating:

  • 5.2million households in the UK do not have internet access. Source: Office for National Statistics
  • 81% of UK adults want to choose how they receive their information. Source: Opinium
  • 16 million consumers aged over fifteen don’t have basic online skills Source: Go On UK
  • 84% of UK adults do not like it when companies take away their right to choose how they are communicated with. Source: Office for National Statistics
  • 41% of Britons worry that they might miss a payment if they didn't receive paper statements

We are integrating with multiple data sources to enable a powerful user experience, creating messages simply and pushing these at the click of a button. Sending 1,000 letters can take 5 seconds - no printing, envelope stuffing, paper costs, time etc. all disapear to a simple process of create, proof and click send.

How is this possible?

Using decades of experience we are integrating SMS Text Services, Email Deployments, Postal production and Social communications together. Match this with a powerful database and we have a central communications hub. Once deploying messages we can allow the recipient to login and see all of the messages sent - regardless of how it was sent. Never loose a message and all messages archived.

If you send multiple messages to one house we can combine envelopes (where appropriate) saving postage costs, we can deliver to 'prefered' channels enabling some to receive letters as email attachements and others hard copy - all seemlessly.

This is our vision - of enabling seamless communication across multiple channels efortlessly.

Recent Enhancements

2019-04-13 - Support - Support ticket changes to conversations
2019-04-12 - Dashboard - Enhanced metrics and billing counts
2019-04-10 - Timezone Support - Enhancements to support timezones in the UI
2019-04-09 - Session Security - Additional validations made to ensure sessions are secure that should mean less logging in and greater security.

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